California (Southern) Ghost Towns/Sites: (Then and Now)


California (Southern) Ghost Towns/Sites:  Then and Now is a package of 6 maps printed on both sides.  This package includes:

Map #1, side 1 S. California 1886.  Side 2 Population locations
Map #2, side 1 S. California 1900 western section. Side 2 S. California 1900 eastern section
Map #3, side 1 California 1907 west section.  Side 2 California 1907 east section
Map #4, side 1 California 1886 west central section with overlay. Side 2 is text
Map #5, side 1 California 1886 northeast section with overlay. Side 2 is text
Map #6, side 1 California 1886 southeast section with overlay. Side 2 is text

The overlay, which is used over the four sections of the 1886 map of California has been reproduced from a modern road map. The purpose is to show the changes in the state over a period of approximately 100 years. Place names may appear on the historical maps but may be absent on the current map. The reader should note that some of the early locations were moved from time to time while others changed their names or simply failed. Accompanying text with anecdotal stories from the history of each of the four sections of the state appears on the reverse sides of maps #3-6. The companion title California (Southern Edition) Gold & Gems: Then and Now is a package of five maps showing the locations of gold and gem deposits throughout the state. All rockhound enthusiasts, history buffs and amateur prospectors interested in the state of California will surely want to own all four titles for both the northern and southern portions of the state. Place names originated for many reasons: a man, a tree, mines, streams, military camps, land formations, etc. Many early-named locations were changed, moved or discontinued. Some historians have a difference of opinion concerning names and their exact locations. The readers should be reminded of the handicaps the early surveyers encountered. Equipment and cartographic knowlidge were primitive. Therefore, errors occurred. Sources for the included documents are as follows: Early maps were obtained from the National Archives. The overlay was created from a modern map. The reported population count for the state was taken from the following. Geo F. Cram Atlas 1900 Population History of Western U.S. Cities and Towns, 1850 to 1900 by Riley Moffat California State Library, Bureau of Censes records Each Photograph is credited to the doner and information sources are as follows: California Place Names by Edwin G. Gudde; California Ghost Town Trails, Mickey Broman; Ghost Towns of the West, Lane Publishing and Ghost Towns of the Pacific Frontier by Lambert Florin.

Map: 6 pages
Publisher: Northwest Distributors (January 1, 2002)
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 6 x 0.4 inches

Price: $16.95