California (Southern) Gold and Gem (Then and Now)


California Gold & Gems Maps: Then and Now (Southern Edition) is a package of 5 maps printed on both sides.  This package includes:

Map #1, side 1 is of the NW Section.  Side 2 is a map of gold districts, eastern section
Map #2, side 1 is of the NE Section. Side 2 is a map of gold districts, western section
Map #3, side 1 is of the SW Section.  Side 2 is a map of 1910 mineral deposits in the western section
Map #4, side 1 is of the SE section. Side 2 is a map of 1910 mineral deposits, eastern section
Map #5, side 1 is an 1882 map of Inyo County.  Side 2 shows miscellaneous mining districts and photos

Although the gold activity for the State of California was primarily located in the northern regions, when word spread about prospecting, numerous sites with gold and mineral deposits appeared in Southern California. This collection features the mineral deposits of 1910, Inyo County districts of 1883 as well as 60 gem stone sites south of the city of Merced. Readers will enjoy the map of 1910 -- divided into four easy-to-read sections--issued by the State Mining Bureau and features many mineral deposits in Southern California. The details of Inyo County are outstanding as shown on the map of 1883 and the very interesting text accompanying this map. Many gem sites may be located east of Owens Lake and the desert area in the southeastern portion of the state should be a rockhound's delight! In Southern California there are three historic gold mining areas which lie within state parks. Red Rock Canyon State Park, an important mining community in the 1890's, produced several million dollars in gold. Visitors can tour the remains of the Stonewall Mine, which produced two million dollars worth of gold between 1870 and 1892 at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. The lower Colorado River features the Picacho Mill, a gold mining town that boasted a population of 2,500 in 1904, at Picacho State Recreation Area. All those interested in early mining activities, gold, gems and rocks will want to have both publications for the state of California -- the northern edition as well as the southern edition (the state of California has been divided at the city of Merced). The companion title of California Ghost Towns/sites: Then and Now is available in both a northern and southern edition. Outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs alike will not want to miss these titles featuring the locations of early towns, military roads, railroads, stage stations and forts. Enjoy the map of 1910 issued by the State Mining Bureau featuring the many mineral deposits of Southern California. This map is divided into four easy to read sections. The details of Inyo County are outstanding as shown on the map of 1883. The interesting text accompanying this map has been included. The gemstone site locations have been compiled from many sources and detailed on a modern map. Many sites may be found east of Owens Lake. The desert area of Southeastern California should be a rockhounds delight. All maps in the series are in packages measuring 6.5" x 9.5". The very readable maps measure 17-1/2" by 23" when unfolded.

Map: 6 pages
Publisher: Northwest Distributors (January 1, 2002)
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 6 x 0.4 inches

Price: $16.95