The Sterling Legend: The Facts Behind the Lost Dutchman Mine (Conatser)


The Sterling Legend: The Facts Behind the Lost Dutchman Mine (Conatser)

Facts, maps and legends of Lost Dutchman Mine.

The legend of Jacob Walzer's famed Lost Dutchman Mine has been tantalizing gold seekers since the 1870s. Thousands have ventured into the formidable desert surrounding the Superstition Mountains to solve the riddle that has eluded solving and many may have paid the ultimate price for their quest.

Using a well-researched, analytical approach, Estee Conatser has reached a remarkable analysis of this famous puzzle, clearning the air of hundreds of confusing segments of history. Here the legend, the myth, the rumors and the known facts are given proportion and an adventurous perspective.

Read it and re-read it. Whether you are a fledgling Lost Dutchman enthusiast or a scholar, you will discover new insights and ingeniously concealed figments of information hidden within the pages of The Sterling Legend.

This book is the definitive work on the Lost Dutchman Mine... --Karl von Mueller, National Prospector's Gazette

Paperback: 94 pages
Publisher: Gem Guides Book Co (June 2002)
Language: English
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