Javelina Trommel 12"


The Javelina trommels  can help you find more gold.  The hopper material is washed down to 1/2” and passed into the trommel.  Larger material makes it way out the tailing tray.  The trommel has 15’ of reverse helix to seperate the heavies into a pan below on the sluice while the lighter material is washed into a sluice.  The Javelina is available in two sizes, 8” and 12” trommels.  Both are operated with a 12V motor.  12” trommel has two speeds, 14 rpm & 26 rpm and a hitch for towing on an ATV.   (Pumps not included).  

Basic Operation
Material goes into the hopper, the sprayer washes it down into a rotating 1/2” classifying screen (inside barrel) where the larger rocks are separated from the smaller gold bearing material. The classified material drops down into the outer barrel which has many feet of Reverse Helix. While the trommel turns and washes, the gold and heavies are worked to the bottom of the Reverse Helix Ribbon, the gold will be trapped in the Helix and brought up the outer barrel and deposited into the gold pan or separate catch, the lighter material is washed out and down through the lower ‘back up’ sluice box.

1 to 1.5 tons of material per hour running at optimum performance conditions. We run a 1 1/2" 52 GPM gas pump on these (not included)
94 Pounds
12v V-Belt Drive Motor
2 Speed 12RPM (low) 19RPM (high)
over 65' of Reverse Helix in the outer barrel, Two leads 1/8" & 3/8" Spiral
50" Tall
64" Long with a fold out 30" Rock Slide
13.5"x16" Hopper
43"x10" Sluice
1" Spray Bar + Hopper Spray
14" Gold Pan
13" All Terrain Wheels/Tires
Tow Bar  so it can be towed with a ATV
Sturdy all steel frame, Battery rack for large deep cycle  battery

Product Requires Specialized Packaging.

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Price: $3,495.00
Specialized Packaging Required