ATV Trails Guide Arizona Phoenix Region (Wells)


ATV Trails Guide Arizona Phoenix Region (Wells)

ATV Trails Guide Arizona Phoenix Region documents 30 of the best ATV and UTV trails around Phoenix. The book includes more than 180 color photos, a custom map for each trail and step-by-step instructions along the routes. GPS waypoints make it nearly impossible to get lost. Every trail has a description page telling how to find the trail, where to park, the best places to camp and what to expect during the adventure. The book's introduction covers trail selection, Arizona's OHV laws, safety, local weather, rider's responsibilities, global positioning, desert survival and more. For complete trail listing and a look inside the book visit the FunTreks website.

Charles A. Wells graduated from Ohio State University in 1969 with a degree in graphic design. After practicing design in Ohio, he moved to Colorado Springs in 1980 and worked 18 years in the printing business. Over the years, he and his family enjoyed a wide array of outdoor activities including hiking, biking, rafting and skiing. He bought an SUV in 1994 and immediately got addicted to exploring the backcountry. He later joined a four-wheel-drive club and learned more about hardcore four-wheeling.
Dissatisfied with the four-wheel-drive guidebooks on the market, he decided to write his own. His first book on Colorado sold well enough for him to leave his regular job to write full time. He presently has six SUV/Jeeping books on the market-two on Colorado, one on Moab, one on Arizona and two on California, visit He also started down a new path with a brand new ATV book on Moab. More SUV and ATV books are planned.

Publisher     Funtreks Inc
Language     English
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